Expert bio organic green life care with ongoing improvement of your garden. We successfully cultivate a wide range of plant species & garden styles using intelligent horticultural focused irrigation systems.

The irrigation systems use state of the art weather based data to allocate active periods of watering which greatly reduces any water waste & associated costs. They can also be linked to flow meters & internet so it can give exact usage reports plus notify us by email if any faults occur within the system. Any alterations the programs can be done remotely eliminating the need for a site call out to make tuning adjustments.

Urban Irrigation Contractor Licence # 183988C

Founding Director - Andrew Price FAIH RH is a Registered Horticulturist and Landscape Designer with a life time of experience creating and managing distinct gardens for a discerning clientele. He is also the youngest ever member to be awarded the honour of becoming a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

Jungle Horticulture provides design and horticultural consulting as well as garden management. Operating using bio organic cultivation techniques, Jungle Horticulture uses xero emission equipment - including quiet lithium battery powered Pellenc tools, and is proactive in integrating advances in horticultural technologies and techniques. Andrew and his team value designing with an excitingly broad range of plants including natives, succulents and orchids.

With his vast knowledge of rare and unusual species, soils and micro-climates, Andrew consults with prominent Landscape Architects and Architects. He is the Head Horticulturist to a landmark heritage project The Hermitage in Vaucluse. To such projects he also demonstrates exceptional abilities in plant composition; the art of arranging plant texture, form and colour. With these key skills, as well as artisan pruning techniques and staying up to date with the latest advances in plant and soil science, Andrew is able to create stunning gardens in the often challenging coastal environments of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. 

Completing his early training at the prestigious Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG), where he was promoted to Horticulturist at RGB's Sydney Tropical Centre, working with the renowned Senior Research Scientist and Director Dr Alistair Hay.

Graduating with distinction as a Horticulturist in 1989 and then as a Bush Regenerator in 1990 and Urban Irrigation, Andrew later went on to qualify as a Garden Designer with the International Garden Architects Academy in 1999. Andrew was appointed Head Gardener at the exclusive Royal Sydney Golf Club, where he managed for a number of years before starting Jungle Horticulture in 1994